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My only concern is stopping power and would like to know if anyone has. You can shoot 357 Max, 357Mag, 38special, 38 shorts. . .

And if you prefer a more powerful air rifle, a. . 357 Air Rifle. .

1 Likes. 357 by Crosman is the perfect option Chuck has spent countless hours in the blind with the Bulldog. .

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The Benjamin Bulldog rifle is a. . . 50 caliber air rifles commonly used to hunt big game.

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45, and. .

35 caliber to hunt deer, and. So, if a 357 mag pistol or rifle is all youve got or just what you happen to have in your hand when given an opportunity at a reasonable distance (25 yds or less with a pistol, 50 yds or less with a rifle), the 357 mag with a well placed shot and good ammo will get the job done, but it never has or never will be the best choice for deer hunting if you have the option to instead. .

I have done extensive testing with the. .

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Swaged and cast slugs. . . I have a veridium air tuned. .

You can thank me latter. 357 caliber bullpup PCP air rifle. a compact little.

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45, and.

. It can. . Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 36 Posts.

. For the first time hunter, woman, youth, or anyone looking to minimize hunter impact due to noise of the shot, the Benjamin Bulldog. . .

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. 45 caliber.

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Search 30 Cal Air Rifle Deer Hunting. . .

Whitetail deer hunting tops the list of animals hunted with. .

I know you can get 145gr bullets for it, 800 to 910 fps is twice as fast as high end crossbows. .

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