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She's playing games with you.


In other words, hes getting clingy with you.

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If you're still not sure, you can read the following article 7 signs to tell if a guy likes you.

Figure 1

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Once he gets your number, then you can analyze how he responds to your texts to see if he truly likes you or not.


Figure 2

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Say good morning and good evening, and try to keep.


Heshe is envious of your relationship and cannot help it.

There may be times when your partner behaves spitefully or reacts to some things that you did or did not do.


They ask a lot of questions.

Figure 3

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Flirts With Others at a Party.


Figure 4

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A lot of our daily lives play out over message these days whether thats text, social media, or email.

You can just ignore him, move to a different area if possible, or roll your eyes and distract yourself with something more interesting, like a game on your phone.

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In a nutshell, the guy is jealous and you need to carefully navigate this situation.

But there ' s a right way to handle the situation, and a very wrong way.

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